Donovan Glover


hyprdim is a daemon that automatically dims windows in Hyprland when switching between them. This is particularly useful for an immersive fullscreen experience without having to compromise on visual indicators.

The source code is available on GitHub.


Hyprland is a modern Wayland compositor that lets you customize your computing environment to suit your specific use case. This lets you create systems tailored to specific needs, such as Grant Custer's task-based operating system.

By temporarily dimming windows, it becomes easy to see the active window in borderless environments while still being able to reference other tiled windows.


First, figure out which settings you want by experimenting with hyprdim's options.

Once you are satisfied with your setup, start hyprdim at the beginning of a Hyprland session with hyprland.conf, like so:

exec-once = hyprdim --no-dim-when-only --persist --ignore-leaving-special --dialog-dim