Linux Development

GNU/Linux is a popular operating system among software engineers, privacy enthusiasts, and anyone interested in being in control of their computer. Most websites are served from Linux servers behind the scenes. Linux is also used for kiosks like self-checkout machines.

Below covers some of the ways I can help your company with Linux.

Software Engineering

By combining my existing software development skills with my Linux knowledge, I am able to make applications and other programs work on Linux.

If your company is looking to target Linux users, I am able to create original software that targets Linux users, or cross-platform applications that work on all major operating systems including Linux.

Package Management

I am a package maintainer for NixOS. I write and maintain Nix packages that can be used on any Linux distribution. I also code review the packages of others.

Here is a list of packages I maintain. I also know how to create packages for Arch Linux and rpm-based distributions like Fedora.

System Administration

I have experience setting up and maintaining servers that use Ubuntu, CentOS, and more. I have installed Gentoo before and am able to easily get acquainted with any Linux distribution.

I have experience with Docker and Ansible and am pretty good at Nix. Additionally, I am well versed with systemd and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.


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