Rust Development

Rust is a modern systems programming language that emphasizes safety and correctness. Some key features of Rust include its usage of Options and Results. I use Rust where the performance of software is critical, security is important, and segmentation faults are not an option.

I like semantic versioning and conventional commits. I also know how to use GitHub Workflows for continuous integration, and have prior experience with other systems like GitLab CI and Travis CI. Overall, I have an excellent understanding of how the software development cycle works through hands-on experience with many open source projects.

Below covers some of my interests.

Systems Programming

I am interested in writing software that operating systems and other software use. Examples include libraries, command-line tools, and microservices.

Application Development

I am interested in writing software that enables people to produce creative output. Examples include editors, engines, and artificial intelligence.

Web Engineering

I am interested in writing software that makes the lives of web developers easier. Examples include fast binaries that solve common problems when creating web applications.


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